Zyro Droneball

Introducing Zyro DroneBall

The First Multiplayer, Multidrone Aerial Ball
Zyro today announced the Kickstarter launch of the Zyro DroneBall. The Zyro DroneBall is a smart ball, the first to interact with multiple players or drones and react like a player, as it hovers, zigs and zags within a virtual arena programmed by Zyro. Though one might recognize the quadcopter base, the Zyro DroneBall looks and moves differently because it was designed specifically to play games and sports. It serves as the puck in hockey, the ball in soccer, the frisbee in ultimate, or as an extra player on the field.

Zyro DroneBall’s wireless networking lets players choose a game through the app on their phone. It’s like playing Wii or PS4 in real life, in the air–with no screen required. Depending on the ball and the field chosen, Zyro chooses the right kind of swinging or passing moves to make against the players on the ground. Bouncing off virtual walls adds a challenge and keeps Zyro in play, away from trees and telephone poles. Zyro is an adrenaline rushing, interactive, outdoor gaming experience.

Zyro was founded out of a love of drones, getting outside for a pickup game, and gaming. Combining the best in control systems and sensor technology with the freedom and fun of sports has been an incredible undertaking,” said Andrew Smith, Zyro developer, Gumstix hardware engineer, and Stanford University aerospace engineering PhD candidate. “The possibilities for Zyro are endless. We look forward to the fun ideas and feedback we expect to receive from new enthusiasts.”

The Kickstarter campaign will allow the technology already developed to be tooled for production. Zyro also plans to encourage a community for game developers by opening an Aerial Gaming API, and expects the Kickstarter campaign to enable awareness.

About Zyro
The brainchild of veteran engineers, drone enthusiasts, and rugby players, Zyro was dreamed up out of the desire to find an entirely new way to play outdoors. The team started up the project based on a decade of experience building the Gumstix, Inc. electronics that are used in drones. Zyro is based in Redwood City, CA


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