Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack for Open-TX transmitters


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I just released a new "Edgy" Sound Pack for Open TX transmitters.

❤️ Some neat things about my Sound Pack: ❤

--Drop in replacement for other English Sound Packs

--750 new audio files, more than any other sound pack

--Unlike other Sound Packs, you can browse in Windows Explorer and see the phrase said in the file, and sort by Album / Category. Yes! Godsend!

See it here:

--No more 4 different voices on your radio, finally your radio will talk to you in one voice.

--I down sampled everything to 16kbs, with no loss in sound quality, which should work on even the oldest transmitters, but I only have TX-16s so no way to test.

Anyone with older or different radios who could confirm my sound files play on it, and let me know, that would be gang bangers.

--Actively maintained (I hope!)

Short Demo Video:

Mentioned on RC Video Reviews Livecast:

Project Home Page:

Direct Download Link (for the lazy):

Download Dir:

Read Me File:

Find me on Youtube:

Rock a New Girl on your Radio :)


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Pencil_Test_633 Colorful 2 white sound pack.jpg

Demo Video:

Direct Download Link ⫸⫸↯ Edgy SoundPack English for

Download Dir (if the above does not work for you):

Project Home Page:

Read Me File:

On Rotor Builds:

--- Quick install instructions ---
-- basically, you'll just be replacing /SOUNDS/en folder on your TX's microSD card with mine. That's it!
-- unzip the Zip archive to your desktop. You'll get a "SOUNDS" folder with another "en" folder in it
-- connect to your transmitter with a USB cable (or put your microSD in a card reader)
-- in My Computer, backup your old microSD cards /SOUNDS/en folder if you wish, or rename it to /SOUNDS/en_original , or... just delete it
-- drag and drop my new replacement /SOUNDS/en folder that you just unzipped
..... onto your microSD card drive using Windows Explorer
..... to simply replace your old /SOUNDS/en folder. (say yes to replace queries)
-- when done copying,,, disconnect safely from USB. you're done!
-- if you don't hear new sounds when power cycling your radio, make sure your radio "Voice language" is set to "English" in SYS: Settings:(gear icon)
-- Caveat: Note that if you don't use the other language sound packs, if you are pressed for space on your microSD card, you can delete them.



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