In part one of the RC Timer Argonaut PLUS hexacopter review I take a look at the craft itself, the materials it’s built from and what you get for your money.

– very complete, includes FPV camera and transmitter
– FPV transmitter is a good-one (based on previous experience)
– seems pretty strong (but wait for the flight test)
– build-quality is good

– no documentation/manual
– no spare props or arms (not essential but would be *nice*)
– not 100% carbon (carbon/glass composite)

unknowns (to be addressed in part 2 of this review):
– how well does the camera work?
– how well does the CC3D work in this frame?
– how much power will those 2206 motors have?
– are those arms tough enough?

Disclosure: this unit was provided for review by RCTimer