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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with drone attorney Wendie Kellington () about the cancellation of Advisory Circular 91-57 on September 2, 2015 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Originally issued on June 9, 1981, AC 91-57 governed the conduct of aeromodelers for more than three decades. It has now been replaced by AC 91-57A, which brings the requirements into line with the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, asserts the FAA’s authority to take enforcement action against modelers who fly in a careless or reckless manner and requires them to be aware of Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) posted for their area.

  • Highteckhobbies

    hi guys thank you for these videos

  • TheUofAfan

    In fairness to the FAA…… They suck

  • Patrick L

    Hey don’t pick on Wendy, she’s just the messenger. And I really appreciate
    her and Flight test Crew discussing news affecting R/C flyers in clear &
    easy to understand terminology.

  • v8eater2

    What is to happen to established AMA clubs that are within the 5 mile
    radius of small FBO’s? I believe the AMA has allot to answer to as there
    has been little from them in the past few weeks.

    • Roswell Flight Test Crew

      +v8eater2 You would need to check with the AMA to be sure of the details,
      of course, but as I recall there was something in the works that would
      allow those clubs to continue to operate. It would be good to hear some
      more from them on a range of issues, but I’m also aware they are facing
      some significant cross-currents right now, not all of them having anything
      to do with their public operations. I was pleased to see that they have put
      out some suggestions as to how we should respond to the FAA’s proposal for
      a drone registration program:

  • John-Paul Hopman

    As an advisory, is it legally enforceable? No public comment period for
    rulemaking and such.

    • Roswell Flight Test Crew

      +John-Paul Hopman No, you are absolutely right — it is simply an advisory.
      That said, it’s good advice (not flying near airports, and so forth) and it
      gives us some insight into the FAA’s thinking regarding these issues. For
      example, the original AC 91-57 makes no mention of the FAA’s enforcement
      powers (in the event of careless or reckless operations), but they mention
      it twice in AC 91-57A, so we can observe their shift in thinking.

  • SuperBell82

    you guys have a great camera, Wendy needs to see a electrolysis

  • etab83

    Hi guys I love the show but every time Wendy comes on the program I have to
    give u a thumbs down.

    • Roswell Flight Test Crew

      +etab83 Fair enough, and I appreciate you telling me so I don’t have to
      wonder where those thumbs down are coming from… May I ask why?

  • Gabriel Kupersmith

    Nice job RFTC on the informative video

  • Carlos Nonya

    Thank you Wendy!! and RFTC for the info!!

    • Roswell Flight Test Crew

      +Carlos Nonya You’re welcome — I’m glad that you found it useful!