In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with Adam Lisberg, the North American Corporate Communications Director for DJI, about the company’s latest drone: the Matrice 600. A hexacopter, it is capable of carrying a six kilogram payload, including a digital cinema camera mounted on a Ronin MX hand-held gimbal. It uses a novel power system that relies on six, independent smart batteries and is capable of withstanding the loss of one battery. Likewise, the aircraft can also lose a propeller blade, motor or ESC and make a controlled, “autorotation” landing. The M600 incorporates DJI’s new A3 flight control system and Lightbridge 2 video downlink. With the addition of DJI’s optional Real-Time Kinematic technology to the A3’s GNSS system, the M600 is capable of centimeter-accurate positioning, allowing for complex, pre-programmed maneuvers – transforming it into a motion control camera for aerial cinematography.