3D Raider is an amazing fun, total stable and truly and indestructible 3D Aerobatic Quadcopter with 2.4ghz radio System and a unique switching 6 axis gyro system that makes it fly both normal and inverted with same stability. You can fly it normal or flip to inverted during flight and enjoy all sort of new challenges. With its unique 6 axis gyro system, the rotation of all motors changes instantly offering users ultimate stability of 6 axis gyro in both normal and or inverted flying mode. This brings a whole new level of fun, flight challenges and control orientation challenges. Not only this, the quality of material is amazingly strong that this Quadcopter literally is indestructible. Don’t take my words for it. Just watch the video all the way to see the Crashes and insane beating, abuse and torture I take the 3D Raider through and it still keeps flying just like brand new outside the box. This makes BM Hobby 3D raider our new best friend.

Ultimate fun, Super Stable, Super-Fast, Double the challenge with 3D and inverted flight, and indestructible. What else one needs? BM Hobby Raider is one Quadcopter you do not want to miss out.

Enjoy the full review and get yourself one Raider 3D Quadcopter today. Trust me, you won’t regret it.