Global leader and innovator of drones uses the ACE channel emulation platform to test performance in real world conditions
PARIS: Azimuth Systems, Inc., a leading provider of automated, real-world mobile performance test solutions, announced today that Parrot, a global leader in advanced technology wireless products for consumers and professionals in the automotive, civilian drones and connected objects markets, has selected Azimuth’s ACE MX channel emulator for testing the performance of its drones in real-world conditions.

Known for its ease-of-use, RF excellence and field playback, the ACE MX is a part of Azimuth’s industry leading portfolio of channel and environment emulators purpose-built for testing real-world device-network interactions and their impact on end-user performance.

Parrot is known for its civil drones that consumers have repeatedly voted to be among the most reliable, fun, and advanced. “Developing consumer drones that are small, light, reliable, easy to use and technologically advanced requires a platform that allows us to push the boundaries and ensure performance and reliability in the real world. Azimuth’s ACE MX meets all of our testing goals in terms of capabilities, and ease-of-use,” said Hervé Santiano, Head of Drones & Connected Objects Electronic laboratory at Parrot. “Additionally, Azimuth’s expertise in channel emulation and real-world testing is a plus for us.”

The ACE MX plays a critical role in testing the reliability and performance of the communication and data transfer links of the drone. By creating a controlled and repeatable RF environment, the ACE MX eliminates many of the challenges associated with testing drones directly in free space i.e., lack of control, repeatability and the inability to create specific channel conditions. While the built-in standard channel models ensure the baseline performance and reliability of the drone, playback of custom channel models/conditions including ones from the actual field opens up the potential for true performance testing. The ability to test drones under field conditions in the lab also assumes significance in light of the growing constraints and regulations around outdoors testing of drones.

Vivek Vadakkuppattu, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Azimuth Systems, said, “We believe that constant innovation is needed to exceed the expectations of our customers, especially ones such as Parrot who are pushing the envelope. We are excited that our leadership in channel emulation and our focus on ease-of-use and applications has set us up for success in emerging areas such as drones. Azimuth has a strong track record of developing innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers and we look forward to working with Parrot on further developing solutions for performance testing of drones.”