Saturday, December 10, 2022

RC Hobby News

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Zyro Droneball

Introducing Zyro DroneBall

The First Multiplayer, Multidrone Aerial Ball Zyro today announced the Kickstarter launch of the Zyro DroneBall. The Zyro DroneBall is a smart ball, the first...

CellAntenna Announces the Development of Drone Detection and Defeat Technology (D3T)

System designed to mitigate the threat of non-military commercial and hobbyist type drones keeping the public safe, insuring the respect of privacy CellAntenna Corporation has...
EHANG Ghost Drone

EHANG Announces $10 Million Series A Round to Take Personal Drones Mainstream

After hitting crowdfunding goal in just 24 hours, makers of Ghost Drone close funding round to meet demand, ramp up production. Today EHANG, makers of...