Drone Racnig
Drone Racnig

Kopin’s HD Display modules will be showcased in Las Vegas at CES 2016 and the Extreme Drone Circuit First Person Viewer Race at Zappos World Headquarters

LAS VEGAS: Kopin Corporation (Nasdaq:KOPN), a leading developer and provider of innovative wearable technologies and solutions for head-worn computing and display systems, today announced High Definition BDM-720P, an ultra-lightweight, high definition binocular display module designed for optimal performance, comfort and style with Virtual and Immersive Reality Systems. The High Definition BDM-720P is built to power the emerging competitive drone racing market and allows OEMs to efficiently create new, slim form factors on a HD heads-up display.

“The drone market is the largest installed and most successful user base of Virtual Reality Systems and is continuing to be a fast growing segment of our business,” said Dr. John C.C. Fan, CEO and Founder of Kopin. “Our unique display technology delivers a true First Person Viewer experience and holistic platform of critical sensory information that infuses the excitement of Virtual Reality and Extreme Sports into the user experience.”

Kopin will debut the BDM-720 at an exclusive VIP Technology Reception on Thursday, January 7 in the Venetian Penthouse Suite. During the event, Kopin will host globally ranked drone racers and top executives responsible for shaping the drone racing industry’s future. Select attendees will have the opportunity to test a fully immersive Virtual Reality and drone simulator.

Key Features of the High Definition BDM-720P

  • Fully integrated with dual Kopin 720P color displays (1280×720 resolution) for each eye, backlights and lenses
  • Large image size (47″ diagonal at 6 1/2 foot distance)
  • High-quality optics with 35 degree field of view
  • 18 mm eye relief
  • 6 mm exit pupil
  • 63.5 mm interpupillary distance (IPD)
  • Compact size (95.9 mm x 15.8 mm x 21.8 mm)
  • Lightweight (16 g)
  • Compatible with A253 controller

Kopin will also be sponsoring the FastClip FPV Award for the best First Person Viewer video captured during competition at the XDC 2 Extreme Drone Circuit Race on January 7-9 at the Zappos World Headquarters, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Racing drones at 60+ MPH requires fast, responsive first person control. These drones aren’t for real estate agents or package delivery, these drones are built for racing,” said Joe Scully, CEO of FPV Racing Events and the Voice of Drone Racing. “We are grateful for Kopin’s partnership and look forward to a thrilling tournament.”