Owners and users of Phantom 2 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be able to charge their batteries significantly faster and less expensively with the market introduction of the P2 Quadcharger.

The P2 Quadcharger, from Colorado-based P-Squared Group, is designed for the Phantom 2 family of UAVs. The popular Phantom 2 is a product of DJI, the Chinese commercial drone maker. The P2 Quadcharger will charge up to four intelligent batteries for the Phantom 2 at the same rate – or faster – than the time it takes to charge just one battery with the standard DJI charger.

“The features of the P2 Quadcharger make it the only charger the UAV owner or user will ever need,” says John Podrovitz, director of business development with P-Squared Group. Thanks to built-in intelligent design, he explains, the P2 Quadcharger offers users several advanced features:

  • Compact and light weight: weighs just 2.5 pounds
  • Fast: charges one, two, three or four DJI smart batteries in average of one hour
    Automatic battery monitoring and management ability: input current, input voltage, battery temperature
  • Convenience: small, portable carrying/storage case
  • Vehicle charging: available with vehicle charging cable
  • Safety: auto safety cutoff
  • Warranty: one-year limited

“The P2 Quadcharger will meet the charging needs of any Phantom 2 UAV,” says Podrovitz. Citing the frequent charging needs of commercial users, such as those working in real estate, he points out that the productivity level of these professionals can improve drastically. “The P2 Quadcharger is fast, simple, safe, lightweight, portable, more flexible and less expensive than any alternative. The result is less waiting and more flying time.”

MSRP for the American-made P2 Quadcharger is currently $279, and includes the P2 Quadcharger, a DC power supply and a vehicle charging cable. An option to purchase without the power supply is available. P-Squared Group offers free shipping in the United States.