FLYPRO Aerospace Tech announces the release of the FLYPRO PX400, the world’s first auto-follow and first-person video drone. The UAV has been designed with outdoorsmen, sports fans, indie moviemakers, and hobby enthusiasts in mind.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, FLYPRO Aerospace Tech’s FLYPRO PX400 has officially been released. The PX400 is the world’s first auto-follow and first-person video drone, capable of intelligent autonomous flight while simultaneously shooting stable, high-quality videos. It was designed with filmmakers, sportsmen and hobby enthusiasts in mind.

“First of all, I want the design to have customers saying, “Wow!” at the very first glance,” said Warren Zang, FLYPRO founder. “I read a lot of books about automobile design. Since the automotive industry is the culmination of design, my drone had to be as cool as that.”

The FLYPRO PX400 comes with several autonomous flight options, such as:

  • Follow Me: The drone auto-follows the user at a set distance and altitude without the need for manual control.
  • Vision Positioning System: Fly Indoors without GPS.
  • Circle: The camera trains on a specific target while the drone circles at a preset radius and altitude.
  • Route Flights: The drone follows a predetermined flight plan set by the user and lands by itself after completing the route.
  • One key Takeoff & Landing, Auto Return: One button takeoffs and landings make flying easier than it has ever been before.
  • Foldable to Put in Your Bag.
  • 25 Mins Max Flight Time.

A user can also access a live map and radar to keep tabs on the UAV at all times as well as a flight telemetry option, providing him or her with up-to-date information on speed, distance, altitude, and more.

The FLYPRO’s innovative, aerodynamic design comes with a durable carbon fiber body and shook proof 3-axis gimbal for mounting the camera. The body is foldable for easy transportation.

“Although the drone has been finished, my dream is only half complete,” said Warren (flypro founder), “because many photographers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world have yet to enjoy it.”

The FLYPRO PX400 is now available to order in standard and pro models