Special Olympics Illinois is taking a new look at the finish line. The organization will utilize drone aircraft to capture fresh views of competitors, spectators and various events organized by Special Olympics Illinois.

Airborn Media, a North Suburban start-up, will partner with Special Olympics Illinois to provide the aerial photography and showcase its approach to the debate on drones, their team of highly trained drone pilots, engineers and media experts and how the unmanned aircrafts can be used safely.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Special Olympics Illinois and share our expertise and the latest technology to help tell the story of the brave and inspiring athletes,” said Airborn Media co-founder Brendan Stewart.

Peter Spero is a licensed pilot who co-founded Airborn Media in 2014. The company opened its doors as the dispute over public use of drone aircraft heated up. As pilots, Spero and Stewart offer a different perspective and understanding on the issue of drone use. The company provides panoramic aerial cinematography and creative custom productions for organizations like Special Olympics Illinois, municipalities and private companies. Spero says our goal at Airborn Media is to help organizations and the public understand the full potential of safely, expertly operated drone aircraft.

“The images captured will provide a whole new perspective of our events and will be a great asset to our media library, said Corinne Zollars, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at Special Olympics Illinois. “We are so grateful for their efforts and thrilled to be partnering with such an innovative organization.”