Colorado luxury lodging specialist literally goes ABOVE and beyond to fulfill its guests’ requests

Moving Mountains, a leader in luxury lodging, is now identified as an innovator at the highest end of hospitality services with the launch of Drone Delivery servicing its luxury vacation rental homes and slope side residences in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Guests now can call in to the Moving Mountains Drone Dispatch operator whenever they need something, be it refills on coffee capsules, small package and document delivery, consumables or toiletries.

Moving Mountains President and Co-founder Robin Craigen explained the concept, “Inspired by Amazon’s exploration of drone delivery for packages we realized that the technology for us to do this was already developed and right in front of us with drones that we use to photograph and video our homes. By programming the coordinates of each chalet into the drone flight database our operators can quickly and easily deliver many small items to our guests in minutes. The drones will fly in almost any conditions and have proven to be convenient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Occasionally during heavy snowfall our drones are grounded, but this typically happens at times when guests are out enjoying the powder. We can always resort to conventional vehicle delivery if needed.”