SmarTopo Harvest is a new obstacle detection technology for the SmarTopo Obstacle Management System. SmarTopo Harvest creates a proprietary obstacle data base for commercial drone operation.

Rapid Imaging Software, Inc. is introducing SmarTopo Harvest on March 30, 2015. This new technology is integrated into the SmarTopo Obstacle Management System. SmarTopo delivers obstacle survey and detection technology plus powerful data management tools for a complete obstacle management system. SmarTopo is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to a level 1B.
SmarTopo Harvest is the latest obstacle detection technology from Rapid Imaging Software. The software provides a fast and efficient method to detect undocumented obstacles and add new obstacles to a database.

SmarTopo Harvest:

  1. Searches for obstacles – the height for the search is set by the analyst
  2. Detected objects or structures may be compared to the FAA obstacle database
  3. Estimates height of the objects or structures
  4. Creates new obstacle for a proprietary database

The issue of undocumented obstacles is extensive. A recent study conducted using SmarTopo Harvest indicates there are a substantial number of undocumented obstacles in the national airspace. An analyst using SmarTopo Harvest identified 52 undocumented obstacles of 200 feet or more in a study area of six square miles around the Los Angeles International Airport.