Replay XD Action Camera
Replay XD Action Camera

Integrated Media and Technology Company Buys Professional Action Camera Company, Chris Dolan Named CEO, New Camera and Aerial Products Announced

Replay XD® announced today that Always Evolving Enterprises LLC, has acquired a majority stake in Replay XD – manufacturer of simple and versatile professional POV video cameras – for undisclosed amounts of cash and stock. Chris Dolan, AE’s Co-Founder and CEO, will assume executive management responsibilities at RePlay XD.

Always Evolving Enterprises (AE) is a next generation digital broadcast media company for the hyper-connected world. As a lifestyle brand with deep roots in entertainment and motorsports, Always Evolving developed into a multifaceted provider of hardware, software and data infrastructure solutions that is changing the way live events are captured and shared.

“Acquiring RePlay XD was an easy decision for me, both because the company’s brand and assets are so strong and because of its founder, John Spar,” said Chris Dolan. “When I first met him, it was abundantly clear that John was an exceptional engineer with tremendous passion for his products and partners. With AE now behind it, I can honestly say RePlay XD’s future looks more exciting than any other camera system out there. I can’t wait to share more of our story in the months ahead.”

AE is focused on the millennial generation, starting with consumer and “prosumer” POV cameras and moving upward into professional video production where leading corporate customers, sponsors and advertisers, demand more meaningful live experiences. As people’s attention continues to be drawn to the “second screen,” Always Evolving is addressing this paradigm shift with digital media solutions that let anyone capture and share live events from anywhere in the world. From user-generated content like a first birthday party, to the most widely viewed live online events ever, Always Evolving will be there.

Demonstrating their commitment to RePlay XD camera fans, AE also announced the upcoming RePlay XD Prime Platinum Edition. The Prime Platinum Edition of the Replay XD family is the most powerful professional POV camera available in the smallest and most durable package anywhere. Measuring just 30mm x 98mm in size and weighing 3.5oz total, the RePlay XD Prime Platinum Edition camera specs are amazing for its compact size: 2.3K resolution @ 24p/25p/30p frame rate, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and dynamic SceneFile image tuning. The Prime Platinum Edition is expected to make its debut towards the end of Q1, 2015.

“We are thrilled Chris Dolan and AE have chosen to join us in transforming RePlay XD into the most capable action media and technology company available for next generation camera buyers and video producers,” said RePlay XD Founder, John Spar. “Chris and AE envision a world where seamlessly capturing and sharing life’s most important moments is something everyone does and we can’t wait to advance RePlay XD’s place in that world.”

Following RePlay XD’s launch of the Prime Platinum Edition, the brand will take to the skies with a new series of AE RePlay XD “Recon” UAVs, offering the ability to capture incredible aerial footage with Replay XD’s low drag camera systems. The “Recon” UAVs will reach speeds up to 60 mph and have a variety of features including 2 and 3 axis gimble mounts, GPS flight capabilities and more, making them the ideal choice for amateur and professional aerial videographers.

About Always Evolving
Always Evolving is an integrated media and technology company with a diversified portfolio of software and hardware assets. The company recently acquired the Replay action camera system and is hard at work making sure more consumers, athletes and video producers love its cameras and video-based experiences. Based in San Francisco, California, Always Evolving’s products and services are quickly becoming the only choice for action camera, drone and POV camera buyers and video producers everywhere.