Inxide – which was started with assistance from Fouriertransform – has developed a chassis for the eXom professional drone from Swiss company senseFly. Inxide’s patented technologies and an advanced carbon fiber composite have made it possible to produce a chassis weighing just over 200 grams, which is crucial for expanding the scope of professional drone use.

In contrast to simpler drones for consumer use, the eXom is a drone developed for use by geologists, surveyors, architects and other professionals. Equipped with HD video, a thermal camera, a 360-degree field of vision, advanced sensors, WiFi, stabilizers and more, the drone can be programmed to monitor or scan its surroundings fully independently. Both the concept and the drone are entirely unique.

The regulations on unmanned aerial vehicles vary from country to country, but the general rule is that the lighter the drone, the simpler the authorization required.

In Sweden, it is currently possible to get a category 1 UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) permit – the simplest type – if the drone weighs less than 1.5 kg. The eXom’s lightweight yet extremely strong chassis improves flight performance and opens up more possibilities, but still allows the necessary authorizations to be obtained easily.

This is the first time that a Swedish company has succeeded in delivering an advanced carbon fiber chassis for a drone in a short lead-time with sufficiently high quality requirements.

Inxide’s lightweight technologies allow efficient high-volume manufacture of fiber composites where design, performance and other characteristics are highly demanding. The use of lightweight composites brings with it a number of sustainability and cost benefits, such as lower fuel consumption and increased load-bearing capacity in the case of heavy goods vehicles.

“With its patented lightweight technologies, Inxide AB is already well on the way to becoming a significant player in the growing composites industry. We are meeting the demand for lightweight, cost-effective composite solutions within the automotive, sports and leisure industries. The goal is smart, cost-effective lightweight structures in high volumes,” says Bjorn Wessman, CEO of Inxide.

“It is very satisfying to see that our joint investment in the company is bearing fruit. Over the next five years the composite market is expected to grow by 5 percent per year and in 2018 the global market is expected to have sales of USD 34 billion. Inxide is well equipped to face the competition,” says Per Nordberg, CEO of Fouriertransform.

Between March 10 and 12, Inxide will be exhibiting at the JEC Europe Composites Show in Paris, showcasing the eXom drone along with other exciting technologies and applications from Inxide.