Tarot T960 Hexacopter Set

Think big!! Presenting the Tarot T960 - 960 size Foldable Hexacopter
Great to carry Prosumer (Mini DSLR) or GoPro for long time filming.
Why play big? Because when it comes to flying object, the bigger the aircraft, the more stable it is. This T960 is a 960 size hexcopter, and the best part is that it's foldable! When it's fully folded, it become smaller that you can carry it with one hand, that means one guy can do all the transportation and deployment, great for one-man-band. The drone itself is made with really high end material, 3K Carbon Fiber Plates and Tubes, Aluminum CNC machined parts everywhere, especially the Motor Mount, they are awesome, machined from one big block of aluminum and then anodized with Orange an Black, just amazing! We assembled one for our aerial filming job, we put a 22.2V 12000mah battery pack on it, carrying a GoPro camera with FPV and GPS system, all-up-weight about 4500g, flew for 15 minutes, flying is smooth and stable and we took some movie grade video with this platform, the experience is really good.

We love the finishing on this T960, the assemble is pretty easy (it's not hard anyway...), the frame balance is quite good, just one tip then we strongly recommend you purchase the TL96014 Mounting Rail and the TL96018 Battery Mounting Plate. Because by default the heavy battery packs are put on the upper deck, we used Two 5000mah packs and they weight about 1.5kg, if we put them on top the drone wants to flip over, so we put the battery underneath, on the mounting rail to keep lower C.G., besides you can slide the battery packs forward or backward to counter the weight of the Camera and the gimbal mounted up front, that's all about it, to get better C.G. on a drone.

The max. thrust of Tarot 5008 Motor with 18" propeller is around 2kg, that means in 50% throttle thrust is about 1kg, multiply by 6, that means the ideal all-up-weight is about 5~6kg, this will cover most Mini DSLR cameras.


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